Sugar Cookies gone Wrong

October 8, 2009 - Leave a Response

I baked cookies last night ! But they were screwed up lol. Which is sad ;_________; my first time baking cookies was all messed up, but I guess it’s everyones’ first. The recipe called for an egg and like a stick of butter and the flour was like everywhere. I mean; there was a lot of it. And an egg was not going to be it. So I asked my mom and shes’ like “Oh get two more eggs.” and so I did do that and it got sooooooooo wet. I was like panicking. But I just kept mixing hoping it would be all lumpy and dry again ); I was tellin my mom that it’s supposed to be cookies and the finally realizes that i’m upset lol. But I do it anyways and kept mixing/bitching about how bad I’m screwing up. I finally put it on the tray thingy and omgg it was everywhere. I thought I was doin freakin well so I decorated it with those um asian (?) cookies and m&ms.  While it was in the oven, i put my premade pizza in and then I saw the tray and omgg the cookies were running everywhere and ending up being one huge glob and i was like OH MY GOD MOM LOOK LOOK LOOK !!!!

20 minutes later…


The bottom right corner is where I precisely adding my m&ms and got screwed up dear gawd. My awesome cookies arranged like that looks like crap but it was really nice. Sugar cookies – lmao it looks more like cake );

DSCN0503you must be thinking “Omg, you made that?” no lmao; it’s from a cardboard box hopefully made with real ingredients. Anyways that was my dinner and it was yum !

After a while i chopped up sliced the “cookies” and gave my parents and me each a slice with a strawberry in each. I should’ve taken a picture lol. ;)

It was really good and tasted just like cake though (: but my mom was praising me for my screwed up skills. I like baking ♥

I packed it all up in this McDonald’s container lol. I can’t believe we even still have that T________T but it was handy (:

Asian peace sign is love !


CDS Galore

September 21, 2009 - 5 Responses

I actually went to a korean cd store today along with Katelyn ! Yeah I’m pretty much gunna use her name now cuz her sn is too hard to type.

We planned this yesterday but unfortunately we couldn’t go so we went instead today. She said she couldn’t so like I was upset and then I went to a bunch of places and I don’t even feel well. Then I kept calling her forever and she never picked up. Met her at her home, I felt scared lol. FINALLY SAW HER FACE & Linda’s too haha.

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When the weather’s nice, stay indoors ?

September 20, 2009 - 4 Responses

IDK, I love that new phrase I made up.

Today has been weird/same. I woke up at 8 feeling very lightheaded and not ready to go brush my teeth yet I did.

My hair’s all crinky now too =/

Then went on the computer as usual and is not off it still (if you can tell) Going somewhere later to buy whatever the heck her username is a present for her birthday. No, I’m totally not in the best mood to go shopping but I have to -______________- why can’t I hire someone to buy them all for me? Speaking of which, I might as well start counting down my days till my birthday ! haha soon? heck yeah.

haha, anything else? Hung out with her yesterday and took a billion photos – not successful in all of em. Oh and my beautiful wall is under construction but thought I should show you:


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New Header !

September 20, 2009 - Leave a Response

This is probably becoming a weird twitter website with no followers, and no one reading my “tweets”

Haha, I’m so proud of myself ;) Yeah I think I deserve that pat on the back and that last cookie everyone seems to fight over . Yeah yeah blah blah blah x)

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at…

Left to right: Random babies touching each other, a cartoon sayin “You’re the cheese to my macaroni”, Donghae (my secret crush aka a crush who the girl/guy doesn’t know the other person) yeah I know I’m a loser ;D, a heart (no clue what the words were but they were very sweet), eggs ! (got them off of a fwd email and thought I should save em for future references), Me, Liz & Jacki !, chinese character that means friendship, and a asian peace sign. ;)

I love the header, so like don’t go saying it sucks ): oh and I love the bottom thing, way different than the side widgets haha -easily amused-

Header Suggestions ?

September 19, 2009 - 2 Responses

Blah, we’re not doing this blog together but the stupid ugly tree pisses me off >.< so I’ll be making a header. I have no clue what to use because using a male idol/group would be totally random.