When the weather’s nice, stay indoors ?

IDK, I love that new phrase I made up.

Today has been weird/same. I woke up at 8 feeling very lightheaded and not ready to go brush my teeth yet I did.

My hair’s all crinky now too =/

Then went on the computer as usual and is not off it still (if you can tell) Going somewhere later to buy whatever the heck her username is a present for her birthday. No, I’m totally not in the best mood to go shopping but I have to -______________- why can’t I hire someone to buy them all for me? Speaking of which, I might as well start counting down my days till my birthday ! haha soon? heck yeah.

haha, anything else? Hung out with her yesterday and took a billion photos – not successful in all of em. Oh and my beautiful wall is under construction but thought I should show you:


no just kidding !


I’m adding more right now too -__________- whole door here i come !


4 Responses

  1. Lmfao I actually thought you did that by yourself (first pic) but you had no ink :)

    • only you could be fooled by me !

      • Nebuhh!

  2. i changed my icon a month ago and it’s still Key, I hate WP !

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