CDS Galore

I actually went to a korean cd store today along with Katelyn ! Yeah I’m pretty much gunna use her name now cuz her sn is too hard to type.

We planned this yesterday but unfortunately we couldn’t go so we went instead today. She said she couldn’t so like I was upset and then I went to a bunch of places and I don’t even feel well. Then I kept calling her forever and she never picked up. Met her at her home, I felt scared lol. FINALLY SAW HER FACE & Linda’s too haha.

Then we went – it was a very quiet car ride there though. “Koreanland” I called it.

I felt really happy because I always wanted to go inside but then never felt like going in alone. It turned out to be a very small store and superr hot. Every CD you could’ve ever wanted to buy was there, I promised myself I’d touch Super Junior’s first lol but my wandering eyes gave in ! Bought her a present… ;) she’s probably already knowing what it is but idk, a crappy surprise is better than nothing (:

We went around the market for a while until her stupid idiotic brain wanted to go buy a BoA CD &&&& and an SNSD one too. I bought  the Super Junior CD I wanted, my mom came in just in time to see me holding onto it forever. She then asked me “You wanna buy it?”

“Yeah I do”

“Okay, you can pay me back later”


Then we both came out super happy and we were both tearing up the plastic in the car. Stupid Katelyn here struggled so much that she had to restort to her teeth. I was holding onto mine for a long time, I really like the photos.

Then we drove her back home and yeah. I came back to mine and some neighbor was so stupid that she blasted kpop music, and ahem; no one competes with me in that ! so I did the same and yeah I WON ;) I was really satisfied that I decided to build a little CD Shelf  for my soon to not be a loner CD.

I went online to check the YesAsia prices for the things we bought and we so got ripped off >.< out of everything in life that i was cheated on, this hurt the most. I don’t even know why, maybe it was because I could see that stupid smirk of the korean lady’s face or it was my stupid fingers who kept grabbing all the CDS. But yeah ripped off by 5-8 bucks. It might not sound a lot but it is to me )*:

I’m still pleased though, it wasn’t like my mom would ever want me to buy something online (she doesn’t believe in online stuff)

I’m not planning to tell her anything either, “Mom, I love my not overly priced CD and I was never scammed ;)”

FML ; today.


5 Responses

  1. OMFG jerk. Lol I knew you’ll be all “omg Katelyn is so STUPID, why couldn’t she buy it earlier” in your head. T_T MAYBE I FORGOT! Lol you couldn’t open the BoA CD either so don’t call me stupid :(

    • lmao I think we know each other too well, I thought you were lookin for SNSD lol. Well who knew it was BoA ;)

  2. I was looking for SNSD obviously, but I got bumped into the Christian CD side lol. I didn’t bother looking at the other side since there was people there. What do you mean who knew ti was BoA? o_o You saw it! Lol.

    • lol? Well I was meaning that I thought SNSD but turned out to be BoA

      • Oh. Well duh T_T.

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